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Grilled Salmon

A simple, easy, quick, great tasting family favorite.  We usually serve with a rice dish and the chinese slaw or sauteed snow peas or roasted asparagus.

salmon filet
k-paul seafood magic
olive oil
remove the skin with a long, thin knife: place the filet skin side down on a cutting board, grab one end of the filet with a fork and start with the knife near the fork, flat against the board, and slowly slice away from the fork

cut the thinner part of the filet into one long piece, and cut the remaining thicker pieces into serving sized portions

coat the pieces with a thin layer of olive oil and sprinkle with k-paul on both sides

use a digital kitchen timer - its really easy to overcook fish - and it will keep you from being distracted by other goings-on in the yard

grill for 3:33 on one side with the lid closed, then do the other side of the thick pieces for another 3:33; the thin piece should be done after one side and its chef's prerogative whether the rest of the guests get to sample it