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Patty Carol's Chicken Soup

This is Patty's rendition of a chicken soup handed down from Mam Mam. Add corn bread and its a meal.

1 whole chicken cut up for soup, keep skin
2 celery stalks, bite size chunks, leaves ok
4 carrots, peeled, bite size chunks
½ bunch parsley
10 twists salt (more than you think -- its important)
10 twists pepper
2 shakes celery powder/salt
1 small onion peeled and quartered
1 tomato, quartered

you'll need a tall pot, colander, and another pot for the final soup

combine all ingredients in tall pot
fill with water to cover chicken by at least 1"
bring to boil, then back to simmer for 45 min

place colander over the empty pot, enough to hold the broth
pour tall pot into colander and let it drain and cool a bit
pick out chicken pieces, remove the meat and add to broth
pick out any of the veggie chunks you like and add to broth

serve with your favorite noodle